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Project Management

Getting Your Home Renovated vs. Building a New Home

It's time to hire a renovation company—you're about to make some big changes. But you might be wondering whether you want to renovate your property or just build a new home altogether. If you're doing some extensive rebuilding, such as adding massive additions, it could cost you less to build a new home.

  Can You Get What You Want from the Property You Have?

This is the most important question. Project management, costs, and time aside, you need to know whether you'll be happy with the property after your renovations are over. If you're never going to have your ideal property at the end of renovations, then you need a home building company, not a renovation company.

  How Much Will It Cost?

A dollar to dollar comparison is important when you're making your decision. Sometimes you might be surprised to find out that building a new home is cheaper, or that renovating extensively is cheaper. It's hard to determine the true cost of things without seeing quotes in front of you. Having a quote also lets you see which areas you can modify to save money, or which areas you might be able to spend more in.

Are you still not sure whether you want to build or renovate? You need a professional. Contact Velin Homes to find out more about developing your property.

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