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Our Building Process

Doing Great Things

Design and preplanning

We want to understand what you need and want. What your dreams and vision are for your home. This is an informal meeting where we get together over a coffee or glass of wine, get to know each other and talk houses. 

We can work with the architect of your choosing or we can use our inhouse design team. Make sure to bring pictures and other things that inspire you so we can start designing.

Selections . Finances. Timing

Here is the important stuff, we know what you want and we have a plan. Now we need to fill in the blanks, what colors do you want? What kind of cabinets, flooring etc. Then let's talk dollars and cents, this is the section that makes or breaks the build, we'll go over expected costs, budgets and financial planning for the home. And how long is it going to take? Well, each project is different so we will walk you through the dates that we expect so you can plan your life accordingly.

Pull up a seat and get comfortable, we want to make sure you are prepared. 

Construction . Occupancy . Aftercare

Your home is getting built, and we want you to share in the experience. We'll provide you updates on BuilderTrend with a personalized homepage, where we can share pictures, budget updates and where you can ask questions. We'll schedule walkthroughs, one after framing where we will wander through the home, getting a feeling for the space, one after drywall when the rooms are taking shape and one before occupancy, to make sure we are getting all the details exactly the way you expect. 

We will be there for you once you move in, with our different options of post occupancy comprehensive care we will be there to help.

Our Process: Projects
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