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Mountain Homes

  What to Look For in a Mountainside Home

A mountainside retreat can be an idyllic home. Not only do you get gorgeous, scenic views, but you're also at a distance from the hustle and bustle of the city. Mountain homes are highly sought after and often luxury retreats. If you're looking for homes for sale in Fernie, here are some things to consider.

  Make Sure You Have Utilities

In a mountainside home, utilities become important. It's not just about having utilities available, but also having the utilities that you need. If you need high speed internet access, you might need to invest a little more into it.

  Take a Look at the Roads

Which roads are public? Which roads do you need to maintain? Make sure that you have easy access in and out of the property. If you're used to a fairly short commute, you should drive back and forth a few times to see how pleasant the commute is.

  Get a Survey

Like any "rural" location, you should get a complete survey before buying a mountain home or getting mountain land. Boundaries can be difficult to identify in this situation, and you need to know exactly how much land you will own.

Sometimes you're better off building your own mountainside home, as you can build it to your satisfaction. You can find land with a perfect scenic view, and you can establish a home site that is built to your specifications.

Before you start looking for mountain homes, you should consider contacting the professionals. They'll give you more ideas about what you want to look for in your mountain homes. Contact Velin Homes today to find out more.

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